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Becoming Proficient in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils: A Handbook to Bolstering Combat Ability

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The widely renowned Chinese game Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils has also seen a release in Taiwan. As is the case with other titles of the same genre, players need to invest time and effort to progress and enhance their strength. It is worth mentioning that if gamers are short on time but need to level up quickly, they can use the Redfinger Android emulator from Cloud Emulator to reach their goals. In this article, we will be focusing on the strategies for Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.

The importance of enhancing attributes is something that should not be taken lightly. It is essential to prioritize this activity in order to ensure the highest level of success.

It is important to focus on the correct attributes in order to enhance your combat effectiveness. The title offers various features, including attack, protection, HP, dodging, critical protection and attribute resistance.

When aiming to enhance assault abilities, players should give precedence to attribute attacks over accuracy/critical strikes. Attribute strikes should be the focus as they directly boost the harm dealt to adversaries. In comparison, accuracy/critical strikes merely improve the probability of a successful hit or a critical hit.

When fortifying their defense, players should focus on HP above evasion/critical defense, attribute resistance, and attribute reduction resistance. A player’s ability to stay alive in battle is dependent on HP, thus making it the most important factor to consider. Evasion and critical defense are also important, but HP should still be the main priority. Attribute resistance and attribute reduction resistance should be improved selectively, as these are more useful in PvP.

The brilliance of precious stones is renowned for their beauty and value.

Gems play a pivotal role in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils since they are able to considerably raise the fighting strength of a character. Consequently, it is essential to pick the most suitable gems for your class in order to maximize your combat power.

At the beginning of the game, it is wise for players to fit their characters with level 1 gems. They should choose attack gems that correspond to their character’s main attribute. For instance, Xiaoyao should opt for flame and venom attack gems, while Emei characters should use ice and mysterious yin attack gems. This will form a solid basis for further upgrades.

Players should aim to take their gems to level 3, with particular focus on those that increase attribute attack in order to get the most out of their combat power. Additionally, they can acquire conversion items in the store that will convert gems above level 4, enabling them to be more versatile in various scenarios.

Having a high level of knowledge and skill in a particular area is known as expertise.

To enhance their fighting capacity, players must upgrade their skill level. Increasing Lingxi expertise grants a percentage boost to the maximum HP, which can be a great advantage in battles.

In order to increase their expertise attributes, players should focus on attribute attacks over accuracy/critical attacks. For Xiaoyao, Wudang, and Tianshan, attribute attack, accuracy/critical attack, maximum HP, and evasion/critical defense should all be given a high priority. For Beggar’s Sect, Wuchen, and Emei, however, attribute attack, maximum HP, evasion/critical defense, and accuracy/critical attack should be given precedence.

In order to enhance Lingxi expertise, players ought to bolster the 12 attributes that have been leveled up to 1, and prioritize upgrading the necessary attributes for Lingxi expertise. Players should gain a further boost in combat power by leveling up with critical strikes and full mastery.

Creating a design in a surface by carving or cutting into it is known as engraving.

Boosting combat power necessitates an upgrade to engraving. This upgrade can bring extra bonuses to the basic attributes of the equipment.

When selecting equipment to upgrade engraving level, players should consider which class role they are playing. Xiaoyao, Wudang, and Tianshan should go for gear that enhances both internal and external damage, while Beggar’s Sect, Wuchen, and Emei should pick items that increase their maximum HP.

It is suggested that gamers acquire engraving upgrade elements often, as the likelihood of success decreases when the engraving level rises. Achieving a +2 upgrade on eight pieces of equipment will enable the player to benefit from the attribute attack bonus provided by Lingxi Engraving level 2.

It is crucial for players to focus on advancing the Lingxi Engraving level as it will dramatically boost their combat power. If possible, they should keep improving the equipment that has been upgraded and work on the engraving level of other equipment when they have additional capacity.

In Summary

In conclusion, gamers should strive to get to level 3 gems for their entire body, 12 expertise attributes at level 2, and 8 equipment engravings at level 5 to bolster their battle strength. In addition, augmenting one’s combat power in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils necessitates patience, commitment, and strategic planning. By adhering to the advice and tactics discussed in this article, players can strengthen their combat power and ascend to the highest rankings in the game.

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